Dimitsana is a historic village, located in the Prefecture of Arcadia. With the implementation of the Kallikratis project, it is the seat of the Municipality of Gortynia. Its population according to the 2011 census is 342 inhabitants, while in 2001 it had 611 inhabitants. On a local page in 2014 it is reported as having 610 inhabitants. It has been characterized as a traditional settlement.

Among the most beautiful and well-preserved villages in mountainous Arcadia, with unique architecture, atmospheric guesthouses, impressive monasteries, the Lousios Gorge and the Minoan-covered Mainalon in a breath-taking distance.

It is full of stone mansions and picturesque alleys and, of course, has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. It is built at an altitude of 930 m to 1,020 m, at the site of ancient Tefthi, on two hills, among which the main asphalt road passes through the village. From some parts of the village the view reaches up to the plain of Megalopolis.

Attractions within the settlement include the Dimitsana Library, the Gregorios E mansion, the elementary school, etc. The library is housed in a section of the Dimitsana School. It was founded in 1764 and was enriched with books for 57 years. During the Revolution of 1821, part of the books was used to make bellows as there was a shortage of paper. Today it has more than 35,000 volumes, manuscripts and documents. The primary school was built in the period 1898-1910 with the donation of Andreas Syngrou. It is a typical example of a boys’ school of this period. It operated until 1930 as a girls’ school and then housed the Pefkos court.